Nincsen megállás az OpenRCT2 hullámvasútjával

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Folyamatosan zajlik az OpenRCT2 fejlesztése, nemrég megjelent a 0.4.2-es verzió, és a fejlesztői 0.4.3-as verzión is dolgoznak a fejlesztők.

Az OpenRCT2 a RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (RCT2) nyílt forráskódú újraimplementációja, amely új funkciókkal bővíti a játékot, javítja a hibákat és növeli a játék limitjeit. A játékmenet egy vidámpark építése és fenntartása körül forog, amely attrakciókat, üzleteket és létesítményeket tartalmaz. A játékosnak meg kell próbálnia nyereséget termelni és fenntartani a park jó hírnevét, miközben a vendégek elégedettek maradnak. Az OpenRCT2 lehetővé teszi a forgatókönyv és a sandbox játékot is. A forgatókönyvek szerint a játékosnak egy bizonyos célt kell teljesítenie egy meghatározott időn belül, míg a sandbox lehetővé teszi a játékos számára, hogy rugalmasabb parkot építsen, opcionálisan korlátozások és pénzügyek nélkül.

Mit hoz a játék az RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (RCT2) rajongók számára?

  • Felhasználói felület témakezelést.
  • Az eredeti játék határainak megnövelését.
  • Új mentési formátumot, az eredeti játék határainak leküzéséhez.
  • Gyorsított játékmenet.
  • Többjátékos támogatást.
  • Többnyelvűség. Javított fordításokat.
  • OpenGL hardveres leképzést.
  • Különböző javításokat az eredeti játékban található hibákhoz.
  • Linux és macOS natív támogatását.
  • Hozzáadott hack-eket és csalásokat.
  • Automatikus mentést és óriási képernyőképeket.
  • Teljesítményjavításokat.

A v0.4.2 már megjelent és új funkciókat hoz. Íme a legfontosabb újdonságok:

  • Feature: [#6326] Ability to load .SV6 files from RCT Classic that have more than 9601 guests.
  • Feature: [#6570, #10860, #17929] Fully support RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic as a RCT2 base install path.
  • Feature: [#13634] Add ability to sell merchandise in random colours.
  • Feature: [#16164] Add new track elements for Flying Coaster and Lay-Down Coaster and add paint code for more elements.
  • Feature: [#16283] Added parkinfo command line tool to list objects in a save file.
  • Feature: [#16662] Show a warning message when g2.dat is mismatched.
  • Feature: [#17107] Ride operating settings can be set via text input.
  • Feature: [#17638] Added Zero G rolls, medium loops and large corkscrews to the Hybrid and Single-Rail coasters.
  • Feature: [#17821] [Plugin] Add API for track subpositions and vehicle subposition.
  • Feature: [#17877] Add three real-life flying roller coaster colour schemes.
  • Feature: [#17900] Add “Classic Wooden Coaster” with shallow banked turns.
  • Feature: [#18050] Add asset pack manager and asset packs.
  • Feature: [#18057] Staff members now wait for passing or stalled vehicles before crossing railway tracks.
  • Feature: [#18168] Add additional track pieces to the LIM Launched Coaster and the Looping Coaster.
  • Feature: [objects#198] Add additional pirate roofs.
  • Feature: [objects#205] Add additional glass roofs.
  • Feature: [objects#209] Add the Steel Roller Coaster train and 2-across Inverted Train from RollerCoaster Tycoon 1.
  • Improved: [#15358] Park and scenario names can now contain up to 128 characters.
  • Improved: [#15589] Numpad Enter can now be used to close text input.
  • Improved: [#16819] Don’t prompt to “Save game as” when saving a loaded saved game (excepting autosaves).
  • Improved: [#16840] Add support for rectangular heightmaps.
  • Improved: [#17575] You can now search for Authors in Object Selection.
  • Improved: [#17806] Added warning when using RCT1 objects without RCT1 linked.
  • Improved: [#17868] [Plugin] You can now change active tab of a custom window programmatically.
  • Improved: [#17909] Track elements that are not supported by any train are now hidden by default.
  • Improved: [#17924] Improved performance when loading JSON object images from a .DAT file.
  • Improved: [#17955] Modifying ratings via in-game console is now multiplayer-safe and also freezes the ratings.
  • Improved: [#18177] [Plugin] Widget tooltips can now be read and changed.
  • Change: [#9104] Calculate maze support costs.
  • Change: [#17319] Giant screenshots are now cropped to the horizontal view-clipping selection.
  • Change: [#17499] Update error text when using vehicle incompatible with TD6 and add error when using incompatible track elements.
  • Change: [#17655] Lower default price for the Crooked House.
  • Change: [#17745] Make maintenance cost of Mini-Golf more balanced.
  • Change: [#17762] Use vertical tabs in the New Game dialog.
  • Change: [#18113] Increased limit of Loan Interest in Scenario Editor to 255%.
  • Fix: [#5141] Headless server is counted as a player.
  • Fix: [#7466] Coaster track not drawn at tunnel exit.
  • Fix: [#10535] Guests getting stuck at specific level crossings.
  • Fix: [#14337] Guest blocking ride entrance after ride price changed to be unaffordable.
  • Fix: [#15328] Wooden Roller Coaster incorrectly draws a railing on the first station piece (original bug).
  • Fix: [#16392] Scenery on sloped surface is placed at wrong height.
  • Fix: [#16476] The game sometimes crashes when demolishing a maze.
  • Fix: [#17053] Crash when trying to open files under 4 bytes in length.
  • Fix: [#17312] (Flying) Inline Twist appearing under the surface when placed on ground level.
  • Fix: [#17339] Distorted visuals when changing scaling factor between integer numbers in OpenGL rendering mode.
  • Fix: [#17394] Six-seater Hyper-Twister Trains focuses ride window camera on Car 2 rather than Car 1 (original bug).
  • Fix: [#17430] Possible crash when toggling tile element visibility in multiplayer.
  • Fix: [#17444] “Manta Ray” boats slowed down too much in “Ayers Rock” scenario (original bug).
  • Fix: [#17503] Parks with staff with an ID of 0 have all staff windows focus on that staff.
  • Fix: [#17508] Grid doesn’t disable after setting patrol area.
  • Fix: [#17532] Object Selection window allows unselecting all station types.
  • Fix: [#17533] Missing audio when specifying ‘--rct2-data-path’.
  • Fix: [#17535] Multiplayer desync when placing rides with scenery.
  • Fix: [#17541] Station style not correctly saved to TD6.
  • Fix: [#17542] Stalls will autorotate towards paths outside the park.
  • Fix: [#17544, #17754] Visual glitches in Invention List window.
  • Fix: [#17553] Crash when moving invention list items to empty list.
  • Fix: [#17571] All researched tracked rides show up as new vehicles in .park scenarios.
  • Fix: [#17600] Notifications are not properly cleared when loading a park.
  • Fix: [#17605] Crash when opening parks which have had objects removed externally.
  • Fix: [#17639, 17735] When building upside down, the special elements list contains many items twice (original bug).
  • Fix: [#17664] Unable to save after an extended period of time due to inactive ride music data leaking.
  • Fix: [#17703] (undefined string) when building on invalid height.
  • Fix: [#17776] “Other Parks” tab uses separate lists for SC4/SC6 and .park scenarios.
  • Fix: [#17784] Colour preset RNG is biased (original bug).
  • Fix: [#17788] Guests could leave queue if another guest rejoins it from the entrance building.
  • Fix: [#17816] Option to pause game when Steam Overlay is active is not greyed out when using the OpenGL renderer.
  • Fix: [#17834] Finance window becomes blank after 4096 years.
  • Fix: [#17865] With difficult guest generation, tested but unopened rides still contribute to the guest cap.
  • Fix: [#17866] [Plugin] Wrong Soft Guest Cap at start of new game.
  • Fix: [#17889] Peeps don’t stop at level railway crossings if approached from downhill.
  • Fix: [#17897] Guest can get stuck on tiles with construction rights outside the park.
  • Fix: [#17904] Trees are removed at no cost to make way for ride entrance/exits.
  • Fix: [#17905] The chain button in the map window is enabled for rectangular maps when (re)opened.
  • Fix: [#17931] The in-game command ‘count_objects’ crashes the game.
  • Fix: [#17959] Areas marked for dirty drawing are too large.
  • Fix: [#17963] Some marketing campaigns can’t be started after Finances window tab has been on Research.
  • Fix: [#17964] Sprites don’t show up on two sides of the view-clip selection.
  • Fix: [#17966] Reversed steel trains do not properly import from S4.
  • Fix: [#17973] Bins and lamps overlay parts of the land (original bug).
  • Fix: [#17980] Queue lines of track designs mess up existing queue lines if dragged through them.
  • Fix: [#18008] Steeplechase S-bends has multiple gaps visible in the tracks (original bug).
  • Fix: [#18009] Visual glitch with litter at edge of sloped path.
  • Fix: [#18025] Fix land ownership in Six Holland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, North America - Grand Canyon and Asia - Great Wall of China Tourism Enhancement scenarios.
  • Fix: [#18026] Park rating drops to 0 with more than 32k guests, total ride excitement or intensity.
  • Fix: [#18032] All non-interactive widgets (labels, groupboxes) produce sound when clicked.
  • Fix: [#18035] Favourited servers don’t get their online status updated.
  • Fix: [#18051] Visual glitch with Mine Ride’s large unbanked turn (original bug).
  • Fix: [#18059] [Plugin] Width and height of custom window not changeable via script.
  • Fix: [#18063] Guests can stop for all kinds of actions at railway crossing.
  • Fix: [#18087] Bank balance is clamped to a 32-bit integer every transaction.


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